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Have you ever wanted to walk into Target and have a home decor shopping spree? Yeah, me too. What would you buy?

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Hey, fam! Long time no talk! I was walking through Target the other day; the first time in MONTHS. Now normally (referring to pre-COVID) I go in and do my very best not to look around for anything unless I have a list in hand and have already planned on buying it. 

This time, I had no list, just Arianna in tow and she (in the sweetest voice you ever did hear) said, “Mommy, can we look at toys?” Now I knew this question was coming, it always does when we enter a store and my kids KNOW there are toys. We were killing time anyway, so I said, “Sure! But we aren’t buying anything today.” Even if it’s really cute, not even home decor was coming home with us.

As we walked back towards the toy section we passed home decor and I glanced around as I was walking through. Y’all, they have some amazingly cute stuff in there and my gears started turning. You know how that is. 😉 If you haven’t checked out their Hearth and Hand by Magnolia line, you’re missing out!

If I were able to go on a no-budget home decor shopping spree at Target, here are 15 items I would buy. Trust me, there’s a lot more, but we’ll start with that. 😁

  1. Barstools
  2. Storage Baskets
  3. Candle Holder
  4. Lattice Wall Hanging
  5. Vase Filler
  6. Book Stack
  7. Lantern
  8. Bicycle Book Ends
  9. Pantry Sign
  10. Floral Photography
  11. Bathroom Signs
  12. Arrows – 3 pack
  13. Sun Burst Mirror
  14. Tin Wall Hanging
  15. Eucalyptus Wreath

I could go on for days making a list of all the home decor items that catch my eye, not only walking through the store but also perusing their website. Take a look for yourself, but set a timer before you do; because you’ll lose hours otherwise. 😁

Have a great day!

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