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Are you have a hard time getting your child to wear their glasses? I hear you! I’ve needed new glasses since last October and I’ve waited way too long to get them. At this point though, I need to get my kiddos eyes checked too. Unfortunately, I think it’s safe to assume that if they need glasses too, getting to wear them with be a whole other ballgame.

What To Do When Your Child Won't Wear Their Glasses

Some children get excited about getting their eyes tested and the prospective of picking out a cool pair of glasses is something that they can’t wait to experience! For other children, the opposite is true. They don’t want to be different from their friends, and any sort of new experience can be scary for a child. You know that clear vision is imperative for your little one’s development, but it is hard to convince your child to see it from this perspective as well. Instead of trying to force your child into compliance, take a look at my tips to get them to happily wear there glasses.

Take baby steps.

In the beginning, your child may not be on board with the idea of wearing glasses at all. This is why it is important to take baby steps to try and get your child to wear them in a way that appeals to them! Start off by asking your child to wear his or her glasses for small periods of time each day, for example, 15 minutes. You can build this up slowly each day until your child feels comfortable wearing their glasses for as long as the optician has recommended.

Let your child pick out their own frames.

This is one of the most important steps you can take when it comes to setting yourself up for success in the “wearing them” battle. Yes, you may be worried that your child is going to end up in the most ridiculous pair of glasses. Gracelynn and her eclectic sense of style has me super curious as to what she would pick if she needed them. However, if this is what it takes to get them to wear glasses in the first place, so be it, right? Places like have an extensive selection of stylish and affordable children’s glasses if you have a hard time finding some they like in store. I will be shopping for my own on their site because every time I try to go and order in store, I’m turned away because of Covid19 precautions. If you are worried that your child is going to choose a pair that are too expensive for you to purchase, don’t worry. You can filter the selection based on price on most online retailers these days. This ensures that your child is only going to see the glasses that are comfortably within your price range. Once your little one sees all of the cool designs that are available and realizes that they will be able to select something they love, they may feel much more encouraged by the idea of wearing glasses.

Make the buying process fun.

Wearing glasses doesn’t really seem like a fun activity, does it? And, if it is not fun, children usually are not interested. This is why it is important to look for different ways that you can make the process as fun and enjoyable as possible. For example, you can have different fashion shows and allow your child to try on different styles of glasses.

Help your child feel good about themselves

This tip can be applied to a lot more than just wearing glasses. When a child feels good about themselves, it helps build confidence and boost self esteem. A lot of children do not like the thought of wearing glasses because they think that they look “weird” and so they feel self-conscious. Make sure you are armed with plenty of compliments (not the same one over and over) to let your child know how amazing they look.

Show your child other people who wear glasses.

Your child may be afraid of wearing glasses because he or she may feel that they will look like a nerd. Unfortunately, this is something young children seem to associate with glasses. It can be because someone at school has said it or because of something they have picked up on the television. You can explain how many famous and really important people in the world wear glasses. Find cartoon characters, sports stars, and actors that your child likes who also wear glasses. Whether it is a pop star you have heard them listen to before or someone who plays for their favorite football team, there are plenty of people to choose from that your child is familiar with. Don’t be surprised by how much of a difference this can make when it comes to changing your child’s attitude about wearing glasses.

Talk to your child’s teacher

School can be difficult because you can’t protect or reassure your child when it comes to bullying. This is why it is a good idea to make sure that your child’s teacher is informed about their new glasses and your instructions on wearing them. It’s possible that your child will store their glasses in their backpack and then forget about them when they get to school. If you’re on the same page as your child’s teacher, you can both work together to help your child become accustomed to wearing their glasses.

Wear glasses yourself

Often, children will want something if their parents have it. So, if you wear glasses, your child may want to start wearing glasses as well. Use this to your advantage! If you don’t need glasses, but want to help your child be more comfortable wearing their glasses, there are plenty of glasses available that don’t have corrective lenses. Claire’s has a huge rack in their store full of sunglasses and non corrective lens glasses. Wearing glasses similar to your child’s may also offer more encouragement to them when it comes to wearing their own glasses.

Make sure your child is comfortable his or her glasses

Your child may not want to wear glasses because the fit of them is poor. Chances are, if their glasses don’t fit comfortably, they probably won’t want to wear them, would you? Talk to your kids about their new glasses frequently and ask how they feel about wearing them. If you have concerns with how the glasses are fitting or whether they are helpful to your child, book another appointment with your eye doctor. They are there to help you and it could be that some adjustments need to be made.

Help them understand why glasses are important

Last but not least, explaining that glasses are like a new superpower for your child can help them to understand the importance of wearing them. Explain how they are going to make their eyes better and stronger, giving them a great boost! On another note, you can use the same explanation to get your kids to eat more carrots! Finding a way to explain the benefits of wearing glasses in a way that kids understand helps to create a feeling of excitement. They will feel like they are truly getting something amazing out of wearing their new glasses, rather than seeing it as a negative.

So there you have it, folks! I hope these ideas, tips and tricks help your child to embrace their new pair of glasses and wear them with pride. I know how difficult it can be to convince your child to do something they might not want to do. If you are clever in your approach, encouraging (and succeeding!) your child to wear their glasses may go over much more smoothly than if you say “Wear your glasses because I said so.” Would you respond with obedience if someone said that to you? I’m not going to promise that there won’t be any tantrums along the way, however, if your child has an explanation and understands why you want them to do something, they are much more likely to work with you on accomplishing your goal.

What To Do When Your Child Won't Wear Their Glasses

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