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If you want to know if you will become successful blogger then you will be glad to know that I can help you with that! Let me walk you through a few things that I believe are must-have traits to be successful in the online world.

If you want to want to know if you will become successful blogger then you will be glad to know that I can help you with that! Let me walk you through a few things that I believe are must-have traits to be successful in the online world.

You have Good Writing Skills

If you know that you have good writing skills, then there is no reason you couldn’t become a successful blogger; everything else you can learn! At the end of the day, your blog’s success will ultimately depend on how good your writing skills are overall. The best way to write with you blog is not to write for a book or even a newspaper. Write for a person, so there is room for a bit of creativity. In the blogging world, we call this person our “avatar”. Who your avatar actually is will be based on where you want your blog to go in the future. If it’s creative outlet and you want to share it with your friends and family, think about them and talk to them like you would if you were in person. If you want to turn your blog into a business and have a professional look overall, then adopt that mindset when you’re writing.

You are Disciplined

Every profession needs to be disciplined but if you are a blogger, then discipline needs to be your bestie. When I say that, I mean you have to show up. If you want to have loyal readers, you need to make sure that you post to your blog as well as social media on a regular basis. Content is key when it comes to growing your blog! Not keeping up with with your readers, is the best way to lose them. My favorite (and most efficient) way to produce content and graphics for social sharing is one that I wished I’d learned a lot sooner; templates! Using them has made my life so much easier when it comes to blogging. There are sooo many available on the internet, but if you plan on growing your blog into a business and want to have a cohesive look from any team members you might bring aboard, give Templafy ( a try! This page on their website gives a full overview of their services, describing how beneficial they are in helping you turn your blogging hobby into a business.

You are Willing to Learn

At the end of the day, a blogger has to be ready to learn. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have learned from other bloggers. Who better to teach you than the ones who are doing it themselves, right? When I started my own blog, I collected all the resources I could from other bloggers in my niche and signed up for numerous newsletters. I also used paid courses when I need help learning something brand new. When you purchase courses on line, I believe you’re investing in yourself AND your business. I consider it paying for “blogging college” every time I invest in a course. Most working professional jobs require a degree of some kind, so I think it’s safe to say that if you want your blog to be successful in terms of bringing in enough money to replace your 9-5, investing in your blogging education is never a waste.

One of my other favorite ways to learn is by observing other bloggers. Observe what they’re posting, how they interact and how frequent they show up. Focus on bloggers who are successful in their niche and model their behavior. Adjust the behaviors that you want to emulate to represent yourself and your blog. As you begin to get the hang of blogging, start setting small goals for yourself. Once you achieve your small goals, you’ll develop the skills you need to tackle the bigger ones down the road when you’re a blogging rockstar!

You’re Charismatic with Communication

Some people think that when you’re a blogger, all you have to do is put some posts up and wait for the traffic to roll in. Well, no. In fact, the main work starts after the completion of the article. In order for the traffic to start rolling in, you need to continuously promote the article on social media. This means keeping up with the comments too. Being active on social media is huge if you want to keep you followers coming back for more, and it’s also a great way for you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Good communication skills are a must when it comes to keeping in touch with your newfound friends.

You’re Willing to Work Hard

When I first started my blog I had NO IDEA just how much work would go into it. I feel like I’m on the go day and night trying to find new ideas and catching up with others. It is possible to outsource the tasks that you aren’t a fan of, or think that someone can do better than you could. There’s nothing wrong with that! It gives you time to focus on other tasks. The best tip I have when it comes to being successful is to take baby steps. As you take your babysteps and learn new things, try to stay organized and find a way to set up a system for your everyday tasks that make getting them done a lot simpler. This will help you tremendously down the road. Trust me!

If you start a blog, I’d love to come follow along! Leave your web link in the comments so I can pop over and connect with you! Have a great week!

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