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My husband and I celebrated our 7th anniversary recently. While I am very happy in my marriage, it hasn’t all been easy in the 10 years and we’ve had to work really hard to grow together and learn from each other. I’m most certainly not the expert, but fortunately I recently met one. I want to introduce Chel_H so she can help us understand what to do during one of those times.

I will let her take it from here…

Are you and your partner yearning for a stable, happy, and long-lasting marriage relationship? Well, there is a chance that you can revive the romance spark and live happily ever after. Choose a befitting solution to your marital situation now by taking the steps discussed below.

Are you and your partner yearning for a stable, happy, and long-lasting marriage relationship? Well, there is a chance that you can revive the romance spark and live happily ever after. Choose a befitting solution to your marital situation now by taking the steps discussed below.

Intimacy is imperative in every ardent marriage. Well, it should be. After settling in the comfort of conjugality routines, the closeness tends to feel stretched and further away than it was at the beginning.

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What is Intimacy?

Intimacy is an affinity between people in personal relationships. There are four types of affection;

1. Experiential intimacy

It refers to spending your time, money, experience, and growth on individual development. It allows you and your loved one to share common goals, hopes, and endeavors.

2. Intellectual intimacy

It refers to the ability to share thoughts, ideas, and fears with each other.

3. Spiritual intimacy

It refers to be able to invite your partner into your sense of self. It may seem to lean on the religious realm, but it may also be in growth habits and meditative practices.

4. Emotional intimacy

It is the psychological aspect. It requires that you and your partner communicate, confide, and trust in each other. Let’s discover more about this type of closeness below.

What is Emotional Intimacy?

Emotional Intimacy is a closeness that characterizes mutual vulnerability, openness, security, and trust between two partners. It feels conventional at first since there’s a hearty emotional alliance between two aphrodisiac souls. Some days there’s a spark of passion. Other days, the enthusiasm wanes out and over time.  When intimacy is gone in a relationship, you shouldn’t be afraid, as this happens to almost, if not all, marriages. It is a natural portion of betrothal. Emotional intimacy in marriage goes beyond what happens in between the sheets. I’ll walk you through the steps of deepening your intimacy in marriage.

Get Help When You Need it to Revive Your intimacy in Marriage

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Reaching out for help from therapists or marriage counselors, when your relationship is sinking may help solve your marriage problems.

Marriage counseling and family therapy, on most occasions, open for private and sensual topics. It is through the advice that you get a chance to open up. Myriad discomforts such as sexual inactivity may be a significant setback in emotional intimacy. For example, slow sexual arousal. Using actual lubrication or lube substitute, kegel exercises, to maintain physical affection are some of the ways to improve your sex life.

Such help can help boost your confidence in each other again, thus falling in love all over back again.

Keep Your Phone and Any Other Distracting Electronics Off

Do you feel spurned whenever your partner is on the phone? Does your time together get distracted by texts, emails, or games? You’re merely alone.

Substantial emotional connection in marriage reckons on partner communication. Spend time talking and sharing. Turn off your phones, televisions, computers, and focus on your partner. It will improve your physical intimacy by offering undivided attention to your spouse.  

Eventually, you’ll have the propensity to accentuate what’s paramount in your relationship. When you unplug, you give your relationship the time to unwind and rejuvenate.

Be Emotionally Available for Your Partner

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By now, you know your partner’s likes and dislikes.  That way, you’ll embrace your differences and respect each other more. It is through embracing the differences that you value, love, and respect your partner. You’ll be able to prove to your spouse that you value your relationship and your time together.

In love and marriage, it’s easy to get distracted by compelling issues, therefore losing touch emotionally.  When you create a secure realm for your spouse, emotional intimacy nurtures naturally.  The most crucial factor in restoring intimacy is to increase the amount of time that you spend together.

 Unfortunately, intimacy in marriage has grown apart for most couples. Feeling unloved, always calling the shots, or not taking part in making your plans are just but a few emotional drifting.

Consider Marriage Enrichment Activities

Activities such as exercising together, praying together, or going for marriage therapies and retreats are an excellent investment in a relationship. Such events may be from communities, churches, or civic organizations.

To develop a more profound and steadier marital relationship, invest in an organized setting with other couples, a professional counselor, or clergy. It is through such conventions that you will bag tips on how to save a marriage where there’s emotional drift.

Going for date nights or generally going out is essential in the soundness of your relationship. Date night will help you reminisce on your first meeting and lay the foundation to reignite the passion. Dates create room for more communication, more fun, and more reflection. It is through date nights that you’ll be able to focus on your commitment to each other and be able to spark romance. 


To develop intimacy in marriage, and perhaps bounce back to where it was, is a crucial thing. Making your spouse feel accepted, loved, appreciated, and respected is what makes your marriage worth the effort. Taking the right steps to fix your relationship denotes your commitment to an everlasting happy marriage.

Are you experiencing hurdles in your marriage? Do you have any queries? Share your experience in the comments section.

Author Bio: Chele_H  is a marriage therapist who is happy to help couples handle disagreements and conflicts in relationships. If you feel you need help in your marriage, seek professional help as soon as possible. You’re best served if you seek professional counseling as soon as you can. And, for this, Chele_H is the go-to person. You can find more from her here.

I’m very excited to start applying all of these tips to my own marriage. Like I said before, I’m very happy in my marriage, but there is always room for improvement if you want to stay connected and create a deeper intimacy in your marriage. When times get tough, I use my secret question more often to remind my husband how much I love him.

Talk soon!

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