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The Importance Of Being A Volunteer In Your Community - Pin

Hello friends!

Have you ever done volunteer work? My daughter Gracelynn is in Cub Scouts and through them, we volunteer multiple times per year. It is so rewarding and makes awesome teaching moments. There are a number of reasons why people may choose to volunteer their time to help others. For some it can be a chance to give back to their local community and make a difference to those people around them. For others it can be to develop new skills, or perhaps share skills and knowledge with others.

No matter what the motivation is, volunteers keep coming back because, like I mentioned before, they find it so rewarding. You’re not just helping others, as well as helping yourself. When you do things for other people, you forget about your own problems for a little while. It can be a great way to destress and put things into perspective.

If you want to give back to your local community, there are so many things that you can do. From litter picking to cleaning headstones in the local cemetery. You can volunteer in schools, animal shelters, as well as help your friends and neighbors with things that they are in need of.

Here are some more benefits of volunteering:

  • If you have been on the receiving end of some random acts of kindness, then volunteering can be your way of doing the same for someone else. It’s a perfect way to pay it forward. 
  • You can make a huge difference in the life of people in your local community, as well as with local charities who need volunteers in order for their good work to get done.
  • When you do something like litter picking, you are helping the local environment to be a safe and beautiful place. You are also doing your bit to help the local wildlife and to help the environment as a whole. 
  • Being a volunteer often means that you are doing something that they might otherwise have to pay someone for. When someone can’t afford this, such as helping with gardening or driving an elderly neighbor to an appointment, you are making a difference and they wouldn’t be able to afford to do it otherwise. 
  • When you volunteer, often times you aren’t doing it alone. There are like-minded people volunteering too, which can be so positive. You get to meet new people and feel valued in a team effort. 
  • As a result of working in a team and doing some really valuable work, you can get a boost in confidence and self-esteem. When you do something good for people, no matter how much it helps them, it helps you feel good too. 
  • If you have a hectic life or career, then volunteering some of your time can be an escape more than anything. You can focus on other people and not have to focus on your own problems, issues, or to-do list. It can be a great tool to help you to destress.
  • Adding volunteer work to your resume is also a great way to show employers the kind of person you are through a piece of paper. It can only help your chances of securing employment.

Do you volunteer in your local community? Let me know what you like to do to help your community.

Talk soon!

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