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4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Social Isolation Experience

4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Social Isolation Experience

In the midst of all this pandemic, self-care has never been more important. It is what will reduce the stress and anxieties that come hand in hand during this difficult time. All of our personal routines have been affected and turned upside down in some way or another. Humans are creatures of habit and any […] Read more…

Christmas Decor Farmhouse Finds

Christmas Decor: Farmhouse Finds

Hey Hey Hey! The holidays are in full swing and I’m waaaay behind on decorating. I have all my Christmas bins open in the basement but am not really feeling what I’ve got. Since we moved into our new house I have been very reserved with decorating because I know I want a vintage farmhouse […] Read more…

Helping your kids escape the "helpless" mindset and become self sufficient will help them feel empowered and confident; and it'll help you stay sane.

How To Help Your Kids Become More Self Sufficient

Are you one of those moms that does everything for their kids whenever they ask? No? Well, I am. Unfortunately, I’ve reached a point where it’s made me feel totally overwhelmed, even taken advantage of in some cases. My kids started acting totally helpless; “unable” to do anything for themselves. At 4 and 2, there […] Read more…

Summer is fun and exciting, but as parents, it's tough to keep up with the kids and even tougher to make sure they're entertained with summer activities.

15 Summer Activities For Families With Kids

Is it hot where you are? It has been here in New Hampshire. If I wasn’t sure about whether or not it was summertime before, I am now! We had a weeklong streak of hot, humid days and now we have the most beautiful weather; I can’t stand to be inside. With two young children, […] Read more…

My oldest daughter is starting preschool soon, so we have kicked it into high gear. We've prepared our household the best we can so that we have a successful new year. The changes that we made were simpler than you'd think.

How To Prepare For A New School Year

We have a very exciting week ahead of us in the Renke household. We are enrolling our daughter, Gracelynn, in preschool! Up until now, our home schedule hasn’t really been super regimented, but we decided that with school in our near future, certain things needed to be addressed. Put The Kids To Bed We got […] Read more…

Before I started using the very simple tricks in Christine’s meal planning program, we were spending $1200-$1500 on groceries and eating out but now, we spend about $500-$600 a month for our family of four.

How We Saved $1000 A Month On Groceries

Hello hello hello! I hope you had an amazing holiday and a fabulous New Year! My husband and I decided (more like were forced to decide 😉 ) that our New Year’s resolutions were going to revolve around our budget. The biggest area that Dave and I had an issue when it came to spending […] Read more…

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