Christmas Decor Farmhouse Finds

Christmas Decor: Farmhouse Finds

Hey Hey Hey! The holidays are in full swing and I’m waaaay behind on decorating. I have all my Christmas bins open in the basement but am not really feeling what I’ve got. Since we moved into our new house I have been very reserved with decorating because I know I want a vintage farmhouse […] Read more…

Before I started using the very simple tricks in Christine’s meal planning program, we were spending $1200-$1500 on groceries and eating out but now, we spend about $500-$600 a month for our family of four.

How We Saved $1000 A Month On Groceries

Hello hello hello! I hope you had an amazing holiday and a fabulous New Year! My husband and I decided (more like were forced to decide 😉 ) that our New Year’s resolutions were going to revolve around our budget. The biggest area that Dave and I had an issue when it came to spending […] Read more…