A house on a culdesac with a farmer's porch and a white picket fence was what I always dreamed my future would hold, and it's almost here!

Building Our Dream Home

A house on a culdesac with a farmer’s porch, a white picket fence and two little kids running around the yard was what I always dreamed my life as a grown up would have, and folks, I think it’s almost here!! Though, the fence will have to wait for now. We began digging the foundation […] Read more…

We redesigned our new construction home to fit our needs and we are so happy with how it has turned out. Check out the changes we made!

Designing Our New Construction Home: Inside, Outside, and What We Are Actually Spending

I am so excited to share the final floor plan of our new construction home, I don’t even know where to begin! We have been searching for the perfect house for years, but never found the right one at the right time. Last year we thought we had found the perfect house, but unfortunately it […] Read more…

To battle anxiety and depression, I have adopted a few mindfulness techniques to use as therapeutic exercises to help me get through my days.

What The Heck Is Mindfulness?

I succeeded at making a lifestyle change and lost over 40 pounds without exercising regularly or starving myself and I want to share how.

How I Lost 40 Pounds While Battling Fibromyalgia

Here I am… about to talk about my most dreaded topic at the moment… my weight. First off, let me say, I’m like 90% of all the other women out there who think they’d look better if they dropped a few (or 50 pounds). 😉 Unfortunately, I have fibromyalgia, so I am very limited on […] Read more…

The perfect kitchen always starts with a plan. Here I share some of my favorite kitchens from Pinterest as inspiration for designing our new kitchen.

Designing Our Kitchen: Planning and Inspiration

Hi there! I have an appointment in the morning with a kitchen designer to put together some ideas for our new house. Eek!! Never in a million years could I have prepared myself for the ball of nerves and excitement in my belly right now! Naturally, one turns to Pinterest when looking to design a […] Read more…

Learn why you have slow internet. The how and why your connected devices slow your wifi internet speed and as well as how to fix it.

How To Get Faster Internet

Hey there! I don’t know about you but when I pay for something, I like to get my money’s worth. My internet speed just so happens to be one of those things, how about you? I have called my ISP (internet service provider) service department numerous times only to get the same answers, “Everything is […] Read more…

If you have started the home buying process, check out my top 7 things a first time home buyer needs to know.

7 Things A First Time Home Buyer Needs To Know

We are buying a house! If you have gone through the home buying process, you understand just how stressful it can be. My husband tried to warn me, but nothing prepared me for the overwhelming emotional rollercoaster that house hunting has put me on. I have learned so much since the process began; my head […] Read more…

I was certain that my marriage was nearing it's end when I discovered that the problem with my relationship wasn't quite what I had expected.

How I Saved My Marriage

Have you ever looked at your spouse and felt so much love that your heart feels as though it will burst? That was me last night while I watched my husband play with our children. For the first time in my life I was happy. I don’t mean the “oh I’m so excited!” happy. I […] Read more…

If you want to start a blog, take a peek at what I have learned since I started and hopefully it can help you too!

Tips For Starting A Blog

Hello friends! I feel like I have been working myself to death getting my blog to a point where I am finally happy with the direction it’s going and can finally move on to the fun stuff. Along the way I have learned so so much, thanks primarily to Abby Lawson’s Building A Framework ebook. […] Read more…

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