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I’m Danielle, Dani if you’d like, and I am so happy to welcome you to my tiny little corner of the internet. I created Mommy With A Hobby Or Two as a way to maintain a healthier and happier way of living after I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. If you ask my husband, I have a million and one projects going at once and I am constantly talking about ideas for more. This is what planted the idea of blogging in my head, and gave me the idea for the name! I am one of those Pinterest-Mom wannabes and I figured I can’t really become one if I don’t put myself out there! Most of all, I do it because I love it and because I can.

Why Mommy With A Hobby Or Two? Well…. if you ask my husband what my hobbies are, he wouldn’t know where to begin. I love trying out new things from all over the crafting world and have never settled into one specific hobby within the crafting/home decor niche. From there, Mommy With A Hobby was born, but without my TWO girlies, I wouldn’t be the mommy I am and they just so happen to be my favorite hobbies 😉

I am so so passionate about helping others and I thought a blog would be an excellent way to do that too! So two birds, one stone; creative outlet and I am helping others by sharing my story of personal growth and desire to overcome the physical limitations set on me by the fibromyalgia. There has to be another stay at home, pinterest-mom wannabe, dealing with the same or similar physical limitations as I do. I want to show you it’s possible to live a healthy, happy, and thriving home while managing a chronic illness.

I love love love all things crafty, up cycling, planning, journaling, home décor, organizing and most of all sharing it with all of you here on my blog! I love making people smile and catching people off guard with random “you’re stunning” compliments. You never know who’s day you might brighten with one of those. I am a huge proponent of sharing kindness and understanding with everyone. I love trying to recreate things I find on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook so I can add my own little twist.

As I mentioned before, I have Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed shortly after my 26th birthday and sometimes I still have trouble wrapping my brain around it. I decided soon after my diagnosis that I was not going to let it control my life. I had been battling major depressive disorder for so long, I knew I would never give up that fight, so I am not giving up this one either. Everyday is a struggle but I am learning to live and thrive despite this chronic, debilitating illness.

I never in a million years thought I would get married, let alone have children. My husband, David, and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and our 7th year together. So much for those never getting married visions, right? 😉 My husband and I were engaged for 17 1/2 months before we were married and I needed every last bit of that time to plan the wedding. Looking back I would have done a million things differently, but what bride doesn’t say that? He is the Derek to my Meredith. He keeps me grounded and protects me from spiders, big and small.

We share our cozy little home with our daughters Arianna and Gracelynn. Both of our girlies are wonderful, sort of planned accidents. We found out a week after we said I do that we were pregnant with Gracelynn (six months earlier than we had planned on beginning the discussion) and Arianna made that second line pop up only a month earlier than we had anticipated on trying again. I suppose they are as impatient as I am (sometimes).

I am a sucker for homemade gifts, snuggling my family, and watching (and usually singing along to) the movie of the evening. Anything sentimental makes my heart skip a beat. I love to get lost in a good book, mystery romance being my absolute favorite genre for leisure reading.

I would say I am a type “little a” personality. Not totally in charge, but helping the one in charge. Like Robin does for Batman, George does for Peppa, you know… Aa, not totally type A, but close enough to keep my husband guessing. I strive to spread joy and kindness every chance I get. I am a huge proponent of walking a mile in the other man’s shoes because it promotes understanding while reducing confrontations.

Little known facts:

I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia after having suffered from depression for over a decade

I know American Sign Language.

I love to sing

Coloring soothes my anxiety, so do legos 😉

I love the city and being in it, but dream of raising my girls in the suburbs.

I have 7 brothers and sisters

My favorite place, besides home, is on Cape Cod

I don’t have a pinterest-perfect house, yet 😉

My favorites:

color – malibu blue, like the water in Oahu

song – I Won’t Give Up by Jason Miraz

movie – The Lake House and The Best Of Me are tied for first

food: depends on what day it is 😉

tv show: Lost

activity: getting lost in a good book or putting on a concert in the car for my family


Thanks for spending some of your day with me. I am SO happy you are here, YOU are what makes this blog so much fun to write and I appreciate all the love and support. Don’t be a stranger, I’d love to hear from you!



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